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I just though I would add a few pictures of Montana for ya'll to see! Montana is a beautiful state! While these pictures are great to see, they do not do justice to seeing Montana up close!


There is much to see in Montana...way to much for me to list here! I am providing links below so that you may check Montana out for yourselve! Who may just decide to take a trip there! :This is the official site of Montana, it gives you information about the different national parks, wildlife, recreation, and any other questions you may have about visiting this state. In addition to all of this wonderful information, it also lets you read about the culture and history of Montana. : This site gives fish and wildlife lovers information about the happenings with wildlife in the national forests of Montana. It has such wonderful features as hunt planners, fishing guides, as well as a sectioned map to click on the region that you are interested in hearing about. : This is an informational Montana site just for kids! This site lets kids look through tons of information about Montana that pertains to them like the different wildlife, and Things to see and do. It even gives kids a chance to look at Montana's past, this site puts the information in words that kids will understand and appreciate. : Ok all you history lovers, this is the site for you! This site is all about Lewis and Clarks expedition in Montana. It even shows you different places to stay if you are interested in following this historic journey through the state, and attractions to see when you are in these different locations. : When you visit this site you will gain more information about Montana's environment, and environmental policies then you ever thought possible! This site is abundant with information about what is going on legally with water reserves, forests, and more. This is a wonderfully informational site.

And the last two links relate more to Beartooth Mountain pass and Red Lodge:

Beartooth Map - Montana